This is the home of Howard of Warwick; creator of Historical fiction gone very wrong indeed.

    The Chronicles of Brother Hermitage: a monk more medieval than detective, who nonetheless solves mysteries – somehow. Accompanied by Wat, weaver of adult tapestry, and by Cwen talented young tapestrier with a temper like a bull with a bear on its back. Brother Hermitage regularly stumbles upon the answer – and then gets made to do it again.

    History as it might have been, but probably wasn’t: 1066 and Magna Carta have fallen to Howard’s unique interpretations. Enough to make full-grown historians reach for the smelling salts.

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    People have been kind enough to pass comment on Howard of Warwick:

    • "As usual a brilliant, laugh out loud book, filled with the excellent characters we have grown to know and love."
    • "Really funny, and reduces me to tears of laughter"
    • "Absolutely hilarious"

    AUTHOR updates on the blog

    • There are now 30 Chronicles of Brother Hermitage, can you believe it? Perhaps appropriately, the title is How Many Monks?

    • Only Brother Hermitage could go to an entertainment for the murder. Strange people in town, strange ideas and strange behaviour.

    • Murder Can Be Murder has been released upon the world, and instantly became a No 1 around the globe. (Well,

    • It shouldn’t be difficult. It’s quite straightforward. There’s even a King’s Investigator to deal with this sort of thing. So

    • Brother Hermitage’s Christmas Gift has now been read out loud. I managed the narration and Mr Callum Hale plays all