Any minute now; the tale of Hermitage, Wat and Some Druids will be unleashed. It has Brother Hermitage, Wat the weaver and some druids… and lots more besides…

As the tale of Hermitage, Wat and Some Druids approaches the light of day, I am strangely drawn to a small village on a hill top in France. There are stories of a mysterious monk, a man and a girl who sometimes appear when the place is in great peril – and don’t help much. I visit the place but there are all sorts of contradictory and strange ideas swirling about the place. People look at me strangely when I say I have never heard of Rennes Le Chateau – apparently it’s quite well known.

It seems the first draft of Hermitage, Wat and Some Druids has drawn to a conclusion.To be honest I can’t tell if it’s a murder mystery, a thriller or just something gone horribly wrong. There is a lot of running about, threats of improbable death and daring-do – and more characters than seems strictly necessary. Still, I can only interpret the primary sources. I think in this modern day I would have to classify the tale as mild peril. Very silly, mild peril.

An alarming sight for Friday the 13th

As you are reading this on my web site, I imagine it is superfluous to announce my new web site. It is full of useful information – well, information, and the background is me hard at work in the scriptorium.

There are forms to fill in, pictures to look at, words to read, it’s all terribly exciting. Or so my agent tells me.

Meanwhile the real work has to continue. The volume entitled Hermitage, Wat and Some Druids is becoming quite alarming. Poor Brother Hermitage is up to his neck in trouble, quite literally. I must press on if I’m going to get anything finished by Christmas.


Coming soon, a website.

I am told that this sort of thing is absolutely essential for the modern, thrusting writer – so why I would want one is a bit of a mystery. The “agent” insists though, and he can be very insistent.

He sent the photographers into the Scriptorium, who caused no end of trouble, disturbing all the work in progress and moving a lot of things out of sight because they “detracted from the overall ambience”. Personally, I think my ambience is my own business, but there you are.

Anyway, the whole thing is being put together by some creative types and should be on a screen near you soon.

I am even told that people will be able to use the image of the Scriptorium as their wallpaper – whatever that means.