I leave the scriptorium door open for five minutes and another book gets out. Hermitage, Wat and Some Nuns has only been gone for two days and it’s already bothered over 300 people with its nonsense. I am told to say that other medieval investigative monks in Shrewsbury are available, but apparently they aren’t half as funny.

But I must on with fresh manuscript. Brother Hermitage and the Case of the Clerical Cadaver looks absolutely fascinating. (Although I have no idea where my agent gets these awful titles…)

The tale of Brother Hermitage, Wat and Some Nuns is about to be exposed to an unsuspecting world. The illumination for the front cover is complete and now the annoying errors of the quill are being removed – despite all the effort it took to put them in.
Send Hermitage to Shrewsbury seems prescient in many ways – or so I’m told. Apparently the place was awash with investigative monks only a few years later…

A treatise on why women enjoy funny books by someone passing himself off as Howard of Warwick. He does look familiar but I shall be consulting my lawyer…

Having dealt with druids, Hermitage, Wat and Cwen next have to cope with nuns. The action is set in Shrewsbury, where I hear some other monk investigated stuff as well. The next volume is imaginatively titled Hermitage, Wat and Some Nuns. As it’s number 3 it should be the last in this trilogy… thank goodness.

Druids are rushing away with over 1500 sales but Heretics are hard on their heels. Most grateful for over 15,000 people who have indulged in the Heretics of De’Ath since it wandered into the world, not really knowing where it was going.