The Hermes Parchment flutters into the world to spread its fabrication and nonsense. Several bits are reported to be true, but this is probably vile rumour. Needless to say there is investigation, of a sort. Brother Hermitage is in the middle of it, by no design of his own, and the whole thing ends in the most ridiculous manner. Still, that’s life, really.

    The Chester Chasuble, which isn’t even open to the public for another ten days, becomes Amazon No 1 Parody!

    And The Bayeux Embroidery did the same thing only a few weeks ago.

    Not that I approve of popularity contests, but it’s nice to win one…

    Celebrations abound in the Scriptorium as the badge of Amazon no 1 Best Seller arrives in the afternoon post.

    I am sure that the eleventh century nuns who made the original tapestry would be delighted.

    Fresh from the lectern comes a new look at the Bayeux Tapestry; it’s a look from behind the curtains and mostly in the dark.

    Nonetheless a tale unfolds.

    The nuns of Kent have been commissioned by Earl Odo to create a great tapestry telling the glorious history of the Norman conquest of Britain. But when they start dying, one man must be sent for; Brother Hermitage, the King’s Investigator.

    It’s the lucky 13th Chronicle of Brother Hermitage

    The man who barely survives his own investigations.

    The sleuth who seldom asks anyone the right questions.

    The monk who is firmly medieval and slightly detective.