Yet another 1000 year old murder mystery hits the bookshelves – and the No 1 spot. The King’s Investigator Part II can now be read in real life. Get it here!

Within literally some time of the book’s availability, The King’s Investigator Part II has become a Number 1 Best Seller. If the Normans had known about this they might have stayed at home…

Nobody said that The King’s Investigator was Part I and now there’s a Part II. It all seems very suspect but things were clearly not finished for Brother Hermitage

One suspects they still might not be.

The work emerges at the end of November and those inclined towards such things can find it here. (X marks the spot)

The Case of the Curious Corpse, the eighth Chronicle of Brother Hermitage, is finding its way onto paper. Nearly every page has writing on it, but the tale is no more illuminating than it was in electronic form. Many people have said kind things about it, so perhaps it’s not an entire waste of ink… try it here

The Case of The Clerical Cadaver has now inked itself all over some paper. As well as the electronic version, the cadaver is available in paper form for those who prefer their electrons firmly bound to the page. And it’s posted free to the UK with my name scribbled on the inside – sorry about that.