Weighing in at 10.8Kg and 22.5 inches, the whole of history is now available in paper. All the Chronicles, all the histories and Christmas as well. I’m told it’s 2 million words, but that seems far more than the world really needs. Peruse the collection here.

Wat the Weaver in print? A tapestry in paper form would be quite unthinkable – and probably illegal. No, this is the tale, A Murder for Master Wat. After many years of dithering, it has finally made it into print. To order a signed copy Click HERE

In a desperate attempt to catch up with the backlog, another title appears in paper. A Murder for Mistress Cwen is the one in question. Unfortunately, I have written my name in the copies at The Funny Book Shop, I hope that won’t detract

Some murderous monks have gone cheap for Kindle. It’s a move that shocked the markets, well, the local flower market because they don’t sell books. Kindle has reduced A Mayhem of Murderous Monks to just .99p for UK readers. November only, so it’s not even for Christmas.

First, the monks were a murderous mayhem, then the murders were for convenience, now they are most murderous. How much murder can the medieval world take? Quite a lot if it’s as badly organised as this. But Brother Hermitage knows who did it on page 1 – which means he’ll be completely lost by page 2. Available at the end of November, Chronicle No. 23 shows that the previous 22 haven’t really moved things on at all…

Get your Murder Most Murderous here.