Howard of Warwick: not quite the full parchment.

Howard of Warwick is chronicler of both the doings of Brother Hermitage, and of ‘creative’ history; taking real life and forcing it onto the great events of the past.

He was born within the sound of Warwick on a specific day, and it is rumoured that on learning to walk, he plucked his first quill from the family goose.

Idly skimming through an old volume of medieval pipe designs, Howard found the first fragment of parchment with the name Brother Hermitage on it. Little did he know where that was going to lead.

Years of research, and many volumes later, the tales of Brother Hermitage have become the world’s bestselling comedy historical who-done-its. (Granted, it’s not a very crowded field).

Outside of his researches into Brother Hermitage, Howard has reinterpreted some of the major events in British History. 1066 will never be the same again and the questions raised about Magna Carta deserve answers – but probably won’t get them.

Howard continues to be supplied with manuscripts by his “agent”, a fellow of boundless energy and questionable integrity, who is always pressing for yet another volume. And so the work progresses. Titles continue to escape from the Scriptorium – with very few checks for historical accuracy.