It shouldn’t be difficult. It’s quite straightforward. There’s even a King’s Investigator to deal with this sort of thing. So why does it take an inordinate length of time, a surfeit of confusion, a cast of characters who, frankly, deserve one another, and a secret that really does need unearthing? Probably because the investigator in question is Brother Hermitage.

    Brother Hermitage’s Christmas Gift has now been read out loud. I managed the narration and Mr Callum Hale plays all the voices. Click Here.

    A return to De’Ath’s Dingle doesn’t sound like a very good idea at all. Has that ever stopped Brother Hermitage in the past, though? And when the Normans tell him to go, he really doesn’t have much choice. Getting there is awful, arriving is appalling, and the place lives up to all his expectations…

    Hermitage, Wat and Some Druids comes over all cheap in ebook form and is down to 99p for August. Take some druids to the beach?

    And The Investigator’s Kingdom arrives on 15th August to much jubilation; well, in the scriptorium, anyway.

    Who knows what September will bring?

    The Investigator’s Wedding all goes absolutely not as planned. Wat and Cwen try to get married, but well, you know how these things are. Their nuptials became a No 1 best seller though, all around the world. Which will be very little comfort.