Wedding bells are in the air. Bells flying about in the air seem extraordinarily dangerous and someone is bound to get hurt. At least the King’s Investigator is on hand if the nuptials get a little murderous. A camp full of Normans is not a good start and a misplaced tent pole makes things really complicated. And it’s a wedding, there’s bound to be a fight. Happily ever after? Let’s hope so.

    Who would have thought, all those years ago, that there would be twenty-four Chronicles of Brother Hermitage? And who would have thought, nine-hundred-and-fifty-six years ago, that someone would be spinning nonsense like this? Nonetheless, The Investigator’s Apprentice is out now. And there are more years to come…

    Brother Hermitage doesn’t even want to be an investigator, why on earth would he want an apprentice? The end of February might reveal something, but then again, knowing Brother Hermitage, I wouldn’t get your hopes up. Have a little peek here.

    Weighing in at 10.8Kg and 22.5 inches, the whole of history is now available in paper. All the Chronicles, all the histories and Christmas as well. I’m told it’s 2 million words, but that seems far more than the world really needs. Peruse the collection here.

    Wat the Weaver in print? A tapestry in paper form would be quite unthinkable – and probably illegal. No, this is the tale, A Murder for Master Wat. After many years of dithering, it has finally made it into print. To order a signed copy Click HERE